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"This play is a clever and moving commentary on not only

the rising statistics but also the wide variety of victims.  Rahvaunia has deftly and with vivid grace brought these stories to her audience to educate, illuminate, and define what HIV means in many people's lives. Rahvaunia writes these women well, beautifully in fact.  She performs them even better.


I hope you get the chance to see Rahvaunia and her

wonderful and “important” play.  She will captivate you with

her talent for storytelling and memorable, real characters as she imparts vital information anecdotally without wagging one

solitary finger. I highly recommend it.  Bravo! "


- Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros /


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Sun 6/9 4pm - Thurs 6/13 10pm

Sat 6/22 2pm - Sun 6/23 7pm

Mon 6/24 8:30pm - Sat 6/29 7pm

The Actors Company

"Let Live Theatre"

916 Formosa Ave

LA, CA 90046



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We are working on new performance dates & locations.

Stay tuned!

TIVI Coming Soon TBA Stay Tuned
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"Rahvaunia as a performer, I thought it was really, really stroooooong! Come to this show, you need to buuuuy a ticket!" - Actress Tisha French

"I wasn't sure what to expect with such a heavy topic... Hands down this was one of THE BEST PLAYS I've seen in years in Los Angeles! " - TV Writer Judy Dent

"All of the characters were amazing. Rahvaunia did her thing! She did so well she made you believe she was every last one of the these people."  - Actor Cisco Reyes

"Phenomenal work!

This was awesome."

- Actress/Author/Singer Brely Evans

"Rahvaunia was amazing!!! She really was." - TV Writer/Actress Nefetari Spencer

"You must come check this out. It's fantastic! " - Comedian/Actor Deon Cole 

"This show is amazing! It's a lot of fun and very entertaining. See the show! "

- Actor Rico Anderson

"The show was absolutely amazing. When I came here I didn't really know what to expect. But it was actually beautiful, quite moving, and absolutely entertaining! "

 - Pro Violinist/ConcertMaster Sandy Cameron

"Congratulations to Rahvaunia! For picking a great subject, picking great characters and making it about something. So you get educated while entertained!"

-  Actor/Producer Duane Martin

"I loved, loved, loved the show!"

- Author/Activist/Speaker LáDeia Joyce MBA

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