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The ENLIGHTENED Guide for the evening's event.


Social Media Influencer. Lots of fans & haters. One even hacked her devices to see if she's who she posts to be.


Remember me? The Majority of you aren't even thinking about me, at all. FYI - "I'm not going anywhere if you leave it up to me."


The ER Nurse who stands strongly in her faith & religion. She does everything by "the book."


Is like most of us. She has a strong desire to be loved. She hopes to find it.

The Audience

Please feel free to RESPOND to our guide during the show. Just don't try and STEAL the show. No one is coming  to see you  ;-)

"Sometimes you have to just burn some sage and clear your energy. Anything negative is a no no."

- Eena

"With Faith, Prayer, and God... anything is possible. This I believe with all my heart."

- Mary

"When you look this good, people want to know everything about you. Like EV-RY-THING!"

- Val

"The most important thing in this world is LOVE. If you have it, hold on to it. It's so hard to find."

- Samantha

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